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Design Technologist. FrontEnd | DCO | Display | Webflow | UXR | UXDesign | Writing | NoCode | Lifelong learner | Photographer | Runner | Traveller

Here a question I made myself why learning about NoCode tools.

A Designer’s NoCode perspective — Illustration from UnDraw.

That is the question

So here is the question we all have rode about: Should designers code? Whenever I saw this, I used to think in the opposite: Should developers design? Or just think in the song: ‘Should I code or should I…

A journey through the opinions of Bootcamps on different social networks

Samuel, a friend of a Álvaro, called me last week. …

A compendium of resources for designers and developers to dive into webflow.

Ultimate Webflow Resources is a compendium of resources for designers, developers or whoever on their webflow learning path. Right here:


By now It covers these categories: Web Design, SEO, eCommerce, Interactions, CMS, Freelancing, Business, Developers and Communities.

Main requirements for the upcoming NoCode Developer job title

“At its core, the no code movement is just an evolution of core principles that has driven technological innovation for millennia: namely, the desire to democratize and scale processes, tools, and access to mediums which were formerly available only to a…

How to build a webflow form with reCaptcha on exported site

Here some scenarios you could find while making a form on your webflow workflow:

Dealing with webflow forms

This is the journey:

Suppossing you are building a webflow site:

Do you need a form?

  • You do not have a form in your site: You are done! …

A compendium of resources for designers on their webflow learning path

I decided I wanted to do a one month immersion into Webflow. Before diving into this magical tool, I did the same with Shopify and Wordpress DIVI. And after having done a deep dive on them I choose webflow…

I was on a webflow meeting the other day and meet Kendra Bentle Rainey from Edgar Allan, she gave us a nice presentation of Content Designer roll. This company is focused on NoCode tools and has a lot to do with Content Design.

So I decided to make some research…

Ten milestones in the path of Design frustration to complete

All these is about fear, frustration and confrontation. This article is about ten different types of annoyance that you will find in your career.

Long is The path to Design frustration — Pexels

I would like to ask you to have a look at this list and think for…

One of the things I like more is learning. In the last years I have been through several experiences in both ways: as a pupil and as a teacher, learning in several ways such as bootcamps, online learning platforms, face-to-face courses, tutorials, webinars, events, etc.

Interaction Design Foundation

One of these experiences I…

Unicorn profiles in design and job market fields

Let´s talk about Unicorns! What are they? Where does this myth come from? Why do they use the term “unicorn” at start-ups? What about hiring unicorns on Design companies? Let´s go deeper!

17th-century woodcut of a unicorn — Wikipedia

Story and myth

The first references about unicorns come from Indus Valley Civilization, it is not sure if they talked about…


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