The Benchmark Matrix helps getting value from both the market and the benchmark done. Here I realize there are some points in Market still to develop (in example: Voice technology, improve fun and ideation for these kind of Apps, mix running Apps with more sports, etc.)

Benchmark Matrix also helps to measure one App with just a quick look. On the left column I place the several Apps I want to measure, on the up row I have what I want to value.

What do we want to value? Mainly four different areas:

Design and Brand: Is the logo relevant? Can it be identified? Are the colors of the App chosen correctly? Measures Apps and Market

Engagement: This goes hand in hand with fun, socialization, ideation and gamification of the App.

Usability: How is the onboarding? How is the navigation? Is there any paint point for the user? Is there eCommerce?

Tech: Relates to advanced functionalities, in this case such as voice, GPS, vinculation with other Apps, Watch, etc.

So I give one (red dot), two (yellow dot) or three points (green dot) to the items of every App.

The idea comes from a UX Research I made about Running Apps. I downloaded everyone of them and made some trials. There are Apps for running, coach, workouts, games, inspiring ideas, all of them are related to running in one or other sense.

While researching I focused on three different aspects:

  • First the innovation of each App, in terms of user engagement. Focus on social, gamification, challenge and spirit.
  • Secondly, I tried to identify different mobile patterns, following pttrns, mobile-patterns, and Nielsen report. Identifying UI general aspects for this kind of Apps. I also looked for the tone, the design, colors, distribution, menus, notification systems, etc.
  • Lastly, I took a look at the technology used in each of the Apps. There´s a huge tech background developing at fast speed.

You can read the whole study at Running App UX Research

Benchmark conclusions

General Conclusions

  • Running Apps have a high tech component (GPS, Tracking, integration with connected devices, stats display, Heart rythm, etc.)
  • Training programs are important to guide runners
  • Every runner checks his stats
  • Going social is a plus
  • Coachs are not relevant
  • Reasons for running: Get fit, weight loss, challenge
  • Gamification is a plus
  • Pro runners more likely to go Premium
  • GPS is vital
  • Voice API Implementation is a trend

UI Conclussions

  • Hamburguer Menu
  • Social Login
  • White background most common
  • Tab Bar is recommended
  • Progress Features implementation
  • Notifications as a Coach
  • While running not many details recommended
  • Clear colors, simplify

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Design Technologist. UXR | UXDesign | Writing | NoCode | FrontEnd | Lifelong learner | Photographer | Runner | Traveller

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