#CometSiteOfTheDay: Building a Twitter Hashtag Site with NoCode

Many people asks me about nice sites to see great example of web interaction, well there are sites as TheFWA or AWWWARDS, or more, but I have my own hashtag for this, I use #CometSiteOfTheDay

So: #CometSiteOfTheDay is a personal hashtag for best interactive websites, many of them experimental, using advanced frameworks and libraries. Others have relation to photography, animation, motion or bigdata.

So basically what I was trying to do was put all my tweets with this hashtag on a website. You can make this using the API but I wanted to do it fast and easy using nocode tools. If you go to Twitter Publish, there is no direct support to do this: embed a hashtag timeline on a website.

If you see for example Tweetdeck, you will get all the tweets with the hashtag (with no stupid algorithms trying to decide for me what to see), on the right, last column:

So I searched for Twitter integrations, found Zapier, Integromat, elfsight, POWR and many other, but to be honest they did not convince me at all. Not so easy and not so cheap as they look.


Instead I tried with SociableKIT: It took me one minute to set up a little widget, then I had the code to embed it wherever.

I just made some trials and uploaded it do different platforms:

It´s a bit slow while loading, it takes about 50–100 tweets, but it works and is responsive:

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