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  • Marta Alemán Hernández

    Marta Alemán Hernández

    Product Designer | UX/UI

  • Monica Galvan

    Monica Galvan

    Designer + photographer living in San Francisco. I also make videos about design: https://bit.ly/MonicaOnYouTube

  • Christine Vallaure

    Christine Vallaure

    UX/UI Designer with a passion for code. Founder of www.moonlearning.io, an online learning platform. Sign up for the free newsletter!

  • Ben Issen

    Ben Issen

    Founder of Supercreative (https://supercreative.design/)

  • Mar Sierra Guillén

    Mar Sierra Guillén

    Product Manager at Lookiero

  • Jiri Mocicka

    Jiri Mocicka

    Experience Design Director and Founder of @givetm_ and @9V™ (former @LloydsBank, @SR_, @skyuk, @rga, @sony). Constantly trying to find a space for his @TrekBike

  • Lucie Loubet

    Lucie Loubet

    Marketing Director @Designware, the 1st no-code editor for apps & websites. I’m also the brother that Liam and Noel never had. 🎨 🖥️ 🎧

  • Caio Calderari

    Caio Calderari

    Chief Non-Technical Officer at WeAreNoCode https://www.wearenocode.com

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