Google Stories, first look at Newsroom and MakeStories, tools for Story Ad format.

So I saw on the news this site from Google announcing “Web Stories on Google”, you can see it right here

This is a site about making the most relevant Ad format right now at the moment: Stories.

There are many options in production for working with this Ad format. There are software tools and Apps, for desktop and mobile devices. Some of them are Over, Mojo, Canva, Unfold, Impresso, Adobe Spark, Storeo, Design Lit, Easil, Hype Type, Buffer, Wave video, CutStory, Later, … There are hundreds.

My favorite is Adobe After Effects but it doesn’t have a very easy learning curve. You have much more control over the timeline. However what we are seeing lately is the fast editing of slides instead of timeline. And that is exactly what these new tools do.


The tool is called Newsroom you can make a trial account at “A game changing content format engineered for the Visual Web”. Once you have an account you are redirected to the Studio

Newsroom Home site.

I can say it is quite complete, it has templates, you can upload media materials, work with texts, colors, assets, widgets, analytics and so on.

Newsroom templates.

I made a fast trial making like a little Ad for promoting myself, nothing serious. It took me about 20 minutes to prepare a four slides Ad story. There are some things that could be more intuitive, but once you have done one it is quite easy.

Newsroom slides production board.

Once you have your Ad ready you can easily generate a preview, see mine here, and then share it with customer or whoever.

Newsroom preview.

You can export stories for Linkedin, Wordpress, Twitter and some more. Can you imagine the amount of money this Ad Format promotes? By now it is fully integrated with DV360, DFP, Verizon and AdForm. I think some more are still to come.

I don´t know much about pricing, I contacted support team and they told me it will be announced on january 2021.

You should also take a look at AMP Stories Guides & Tutorials if you are a developer.


This is another tool for Ad Stories production. You can go online right at It has a nice onboarding process:

On Boarding process at MakeStories.

Has lots of templates, and also you can use assets:

MakeStories templates.

I just made the same Ad Preview as with Newsroom, I can say this was a bit quicker but both work the same. Maybe Makerstories is more intuitive but it doesn´t have same integration possibilities.

Once you finish you can make a preview, here is mine again, and also you have a QR:

MakeStories preview.

So, nice (nocode) tools for working with Story Ad format with just drag & drop. H

Introducing MakeStories

I think Makerstories has free pricing as I rode on Pratik khatri article on Medium.

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