Review of the UX Design Courses by Interaction Design Foundation

One of the things I like more is learning. In the last years I have been through several experiences in both ways: as a pupil and as a teacher, learning in several ways such as bootcamps, online learning platforms, face-to-face courses, tutorials, webinars, events, etc.

Interaction Design Foundation

One of these experiences I have really liked is Interaction Design Foundation (IxDF) where I take part right now as an Educational Partner. So I will give you my sincere opinion and how you can get the most of them.

I joined IxDF three years ago. I think about three possible scenarios to join:

  • People coming to UX area. Maybe there are people with some knowledge of design or other near areas but new to UX
  • People already in UX and want to keep learning at their own pace.
  • People who want to go deeper in a specific area. Say you have done some course but now you want to get deeper in UX Research, or you want to know about designing for mobile devices, or get in touch with Service Design. They have courses for all of them.

Actually, Interaction Design Foundation not only has courses, they have courses, bootcamps, webinars, event and articles.

Ok say you have enrolled, where to go from there? At first sight yo, if you go to courses, yo can choose between two different perspectives:

Learning paths

Right now they have ten available paths, these are: UX Designer, Interaction Designer, Visual Designer, Usability Expert, UI Designer, Front-End Developer, Product Manager, Marketer, User Researcher, and Executive.

You can learn at IxDF about all these areas.

UX Courses by level

  • Beginner User Experience Courses
  • Intermediate User Experience Courses
  • Advanced User Experience Courses

There are usually about five to ten courses for each category available. They are rotating continuously. There is a calling period where you can see how everything you will learn, the agenda, how many days until it begins, etc.

Going into a UX Course

Once you enrol you can do three courses at the same time, you can learn at your own pace, there is some gamification as you see your progress bar, your place in the ranking, you can get some badges, etc.

One thing I really like is that they have ready to use templates, for real work. They have real examples analyzed in depth

They have also articles or what they call literature, you can see all the topics they cover.

My experience

I made seven courses at the platform. My experience is quite good: For example I had two very specific projects, one for gamification and other for a Mobile App, so I made a gamification course and other for Mobile User Experience Design. You can see here my final project on gamification, called Cerebriti. So here it works on demand, you need something and learn from them.

Also I made a mix of UX Design, Research, portfolio and freelancing, what could be like a path: Getting into UX, Deep Research, making a Portfolio and Job market. For example I used what I learned at UX Research — methods and best practices course in side project about UX Research portfolios.

Anytime you finish a course, you can share it or put it in your Linkedin profile. Also you earn some badges and distinctions.

Among all this, I joined several IxDF Groups to stay tuned and go to some events. This is good also for networking.

I encourage you to delve into UX, not only with the UX Courses, but also with all things IxDF has: Bootcamps, community, Master classes, mentorships and events, follow them on twitter

Here is my invite link (3 months off in year membership).

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