Webflow Class Naming Systems

8 min readJan 18, 2023

A compilation of different frameworks you can use in your Webflow project

Webflow Class Naming Systems

For each one I include:

  • Creator info
  • Documentation
  • Figma and YouTube video if available
  • Link to Cloneable
  • Other info
  • Some have also Components, maybe you are interested on them also

Not sure how to name them, there are people calling them in different ways such as:

  • Class Naming Systems
  • Naming Systems
  • Frameworks
  • Style Guides
  • Webflow Naming Systems
  • UI Systems

Name them as you wish

How to choose a Class Naming System? Check all this:

  • Background: It is not the same if you can from Design, Code or Marketing, or maybe you are a NoCoder integrator.
  • Your Webflow knodwledge: Do not go for an advanced naming system if you are just beginning. Go step by step. Also I recommend for example to test one Class Naming System on simple site or a landing page.
  • Learning curve: Some of them are for advanced users, others you can learn in some hours
  • Community Support
  • What do you want to build: It is not the same to build a Landing page than an e-commerce shop or a site with many CMS collections
  • Price: Is it free or paid?

Check Class Naming Systems Cloneable or read the list:

Refokus Style Guide

Having a pre-define Style System allows us to keep things organized, keeping to our high-quality standards, and allowing our clients to scale their Website with proper guidelines. After using this in hundreds of projects, we are now sharing it with the world. Have fun!

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