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Here a review of some nice tools for illustrators, graphic designers, UX & product designers, researchers, makeup artists, photographers, motion designers and filmmakers, 3D artists, writers, bloggers, artists, etc.


I have some projects even from 2005, when it was released. In the beginning I remember it was a trendy site. Then it was acquired by Adobe Systems for $150 million in December 2012. Now They have about 10 million members. Every junior creative usually has one as it is free.

They have several sections as featured portfolios (hall of fame), livestreams, a job portal. I have seen many recruiters looking for freelancers at Behance. They also have an App, so it is quite easy, even if you are in UX, you can easily make a case study or change anything later quite fast. …

Many people asks me about nice sites to see great example of web interaction, well there are sites as TheFWA or AWWWARDS, or more, but I have my own hashtag for this, I use #CometSiteOfTheDay

So: #CometSiteOfTheDay is a personal hashtag for best interactive websites, many of them experimental, using advanced frameworks and libraries. Others have relation to photography, animation, motion or bigdata.

So basically what I was trying to do was put all my tweets with this hashtag on a website. You can make this using the API but I wanted to do it fast and easy using nocode tools. …

So I saw on the news this site from Google announcing “Web Stories on Google”, you can see it right here

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This is a site about making the most relevant Ad format right now at the moment: Stories.

There are many options in production for working with this Ad format. There are software tools and Apps, for desktop and mobile devices. Some of them are Over, Mojo, Canva, Unfold, Impresso, Adobe Spark, Storeo, Design Lit, Easil, Hype Type, Buffer, Wave video, CutStory, Later, … There are hundreds.

My favorite is Adobe After Effects but it doesn’t have a very easy learning curve. You have much more control over the timeline. However what we are seeing lately is the fast editing of slides instead of timeline. …

I always wondered what is the best way to read UX news. I had an old Slack group to read all these RSS of UX News, but I turned it private because I wanted to make some trials with NoCode tools.

I made a compilation of best reference sites or news in UX, this is how to use it:

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I am retrieving RSS feeds from this list:

  • The Balsamiq Blog —…

A compilation of Javascript methods to deal with Array and Objects. Mostly I made it while a Web Dev Bootcamp. Hope it is useful for you!

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Code is poetry .

Mutating an Array


arr.push(…items) — Adds items to the end of an Array

let arr = ["Juan", "Fer", "Santi", "Luis"]
// ["Juan", "Fer", "Santi", "Luis", "Mamen"]


arr.pop() — Extracts an item from the end of an Array

let arr = ["Juan", "Fer", "Santi", "Luis", "Mamen", "Teresa"]
// ["Juan", "Fer", "Santi", "Luis", "Mamen"]


arr.shift() — Extracts an item from the beginning of the Array

let arr = ["Perico", "Juan", "Fer", "Santi", "Luis", "Mamen"]
arr.unshift("Perico"); …

A review on Netflix documentary about social media and technology

[Spoiler alert: “Don’t read until you’ve watched the documentary]

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illustration from London-based illustrator and designer Matt Blease


“We tweet, we like, and we share — but what are the consequences of our growing dependence on social media? As digital platforms increasingly become a lifeline to stay connected, Silicon Valley insiders reveal how social media is reprogramming civilization by exposing what’s hiding on the other side of your screen”.

So you have probably seen this documentary from people who previously worked at Google, Facebook, Twiter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube and similar companies.


Mainly the main argument about the film could be ‘Social Media as we know it, is destroying our lives, they way we relate and behave’. …

“We believe that a short and structured UX Research Portfolio for a UX Researcher will result in better results in the job market”.

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Let´s build your UX Research Portfolio! (illustration from UnDraw)

Initial Approach: Why this Research?

I was thinking on making a compilation on some case studies I have related to UX Research (UXR) so I googled it and did not find many, then I decided to discover about it. I wondered how to make a UXR Portfolio, and this is why I did this little research. Maybe it can be useful for you if you are a UX Research learner, a freelance UXR, or if you just want to move forward on your career.

I have done some freelance projects as UXR, worked as a Teacher Assistant in a bootcamp, but I consider myself as a UXR learner, maybe you see controversial questions. Anyway, I encourage you to be positive, I write here my conclusions after the survey, I am sure your you can contribute with your opinion in the comments of this post, so all the community can learn. …

A comparison between the two apps based on a UX perspective

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Little intro about TikTok

So, if you don´t know nothing about TikTok, there are two interesting people on it, I would say they are Alex Zhu and Zhang Yiming , you can read more about them on Business Insider.

Also I strongly recommend to have a look at this Ad Age TikTok Pitch:

The Table Comparison

With the Covid lockdown many people are downloading TikTok App, so I decided to make a little research together with Instagram. Above I made a table comparing some features with Instagram.

First I have to say I compared TikTok mainly with Instagram, so that includes Instagram Feed and Stories. I had a look to IGTV and other Facebook Apps such as Lasso. What Zuckerberg said is that he plans to merge all these in one (Facebook + WhastApp + Instagram +…

Building a DCO from Scratch

Situation and Context

The final customer was the UOC: The Open University of Catalonia (in Catalan: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, UOC) is a private open university based in Barcelona, Spain.

The UOC offers graduate and postgraduate programs in Catalan, Spanish and English in fields such as Psychology, Computer Science, Sciences of Education, Information and Knowledge Society and Economics. Also, an Information and Knowledge Society Doctoral Program is available that explores research fields such as e-law, e-learning, network society, education, and online communities.

I made this while working at Weborama a Data platform and AdServing technology company. My rol was to design and program a DCO for the Advertiser (UOC) based on user navigation, offering different courses UOC has. …



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